We are utilizing some of the most beautiful lands in North America to develop a unique experience for everyone involved. Fire in the Mountains is literally in the middle of the largest intact temperate ecosystem in the lower 48: the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. This experience is about connecting with nature in a profound way. Therefore we must care deeply for this pristine natural environment. We, as the festival promoters and attendees, must practice a “Leave No Trace” ethic. We kindly require you to prepare your journey here ahead of time and come prepared to be in the wilderness for your own safety, the safety of others and the safety of our beautiful world here in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.


  • $1 of every ticket sold used to purchase and install bear boxes around Buffalo Valley dispersed campsites. We are dedicated to reducing negative human – wildlife interactions and improving the ecosystem of Buffalo Valley through the presence of Fire in the Mountains.

  • Recycling and Composting

  • Food farmed and raised by us – Farm to Festival

  • Local beer and spirits

  • We have goals to reduce our large carbon footprint created by the activities and operations of this festival.  In order to achieve our goals we donate some proceeds to local reforestation and renewable energy projects.  This helps to offset the carbon FITM puts into the atmosphere.  We ask you to offset the carbon footprint you will create by coming to FITM by purchasing carbon credits on our ticketing page.  This money will then be directed into these same local projects.

  • We are in the process of creating a Scholarship Program.  This program will offer free tickets and camping in exchange for working on a local habitat restoration project along the Buffalo Fork River.  This work will be done during the festival weekend, before the music starts.  The work will be performed alongside The Snake River Fund and National Forest Service.  Stay tuned for more details.