Heart Six Ranch

If you don’t want to camp this is your best option as it’s the exact location of the festival. You can rent one of their rooms and still be right where everything is going down. Heart Six Ranch has a large selection of rooms at different price points. If you are price conscious think about renting one of their Teepees or Covered Wagons. This is also a good option as you will have shower access at Heart Six Ranch, which campers do not have.

If you would like to reserve a Room, Cabin, Teepee, or Covered Wagon during the dates of the festival you can do so directly through the FITM website when you purchase tickets. Please do not call Heart Six Ranch or book rooms through their website. All accommodation during the festival weekend must be purchased directly through the FITM website.


Fireside Buffalo Valley RV Park

Only 3.7 miles away, this your most affordable option. There are cabins, RV hook ups, and designated areas for tent camping with a full range of facilities and a store to buy provisions. We will offer a free shuttle to and from Fireside.

The Hatchet Resort

Only 6 miles from Fire in the Mountains, The Hatchet is located directly on Route 287 making it easy to find and easy to drive to. It’s an “affordable” option in the area with great views and a fun atmosphere. Plus The Hatchet is as metal a name as you can get for a resort. We will offer a free shuttle to and from The Hatchet Resort.


Lutton’s Teton Cabins

This is your closest option to Heart Six Ranch. Just a two miles down the road. They have great cabins with all the amenities and comforts you could want. They also have some of the best views of Mount Moran and the Tetons. We highly recommend this place. We will offer a free shuttle to and from Lutton’s Teton Cabins


Turpin Meadow Lodge

Located at the end of the road 8 miles down from Fire in the Mountains, this is a spectacular ranch with many sleeping options as well their own trail network for hiking, mountain biking, fishing, etc.


Togwotee Mountain Lodge

15 miles from Fire in the Mountains. This is a very nice and rustic mountain lodge that is reasonably priced.


Signal Mountain Lodge

12 miles from Fire in the Mountains and located in the Grand Teton National Park. This lodge has amazing views of the Tetons and Jackson Lake. It’s a bit pricier but worth considering.


Colter Bay Village

15 miles from Fire in the Mountains and in the heart of Grant Teton National Park, this is a great option for people to stay directly on Jackson Lake with a range of accommodation options from “tent cabins” to multi-room cabins and RV sites. Colter Bay Village has the full range of facilities and can be very affordable if you were to split the accommodations with other people.


Jackson Lake Lodge

Only 10 miles from Fire in the Mountains and perhaps situated on the most breathtaking piece of land in Grand Teton National Park. It’s a large lodge, very extravagant, and pricey. If you want to treat yourself this is a good option.