Scholarship Program

We want to afford everyone the opportunity to attend Fire in the Mountains. We are very aware of how financially challenging times are right now, and as a result, we want to help our brothers and sisters attend our festival. One of FITM’s guiding principles is to have a regenerative impact on the ecosystem that Fire in the Mountains calls home. Thus, we have created a unique scholarship program to manifest these two desires into reality.

The Fire in the Mountains Scholarship Program will provide up to 25 scholarships for those who cannot afford to attend the festival. Scholarship recipients will receive a 3-day festival pass, a Fire in the Mountains T-Shirt, free camping, and free parking. In return, recipients will be required to work roughly 3 hours on Saturday, July 23rd and 3 hours Sunday, July 24th, totaling 6 hours for the entire weekend. Alongside our partners – The Snake River Fund and The National Forest Service – you will be conducting riparian restoration work along the Buffalo Fork River, which juts up against the festival grounds.

Through this program, we will create an army of people helping to improve the overall health of the Buffalo Fork River Watershed by creating wildlife habitat, erosion control, and improving water quality.

If you are interested in being a Fire in the Mountains Scholarship Recipient, please fill out the application below:

Thank you for your interest, the scholarship program is now full.
We are no longer accepting applications.