Common and Helpful Item to Bring Along

Tent, Sleeping Pads, Sleeping Bags, Headlamps/Flashlights, Insect Repellent, Cook Stove, Plenty of Water, Healthy Food, Coolers (preferably Bear Proof), Rain Gear, Swimming Gear, Hiking Shoes, Plenty of Warm Clothing, Cameras, Notebooks, an Appetite to Experience the Tetons and this Unique Event. If you do not have all these things you can rent any and all camping gear from Teton Backcountry Rentals – https://tetonbcrentals.com/index

Lost & Found

Just don’t loose shit, but if you do Lost & Found will be located at camping check-in

Safety & Medical

Safety is of utmost importance for a successful festival and to ensure this keeps happening. Please be respectful to our facilities, to nature, and to one another.  There will be a clearly marked First Aid Tent staffed by professional paramedics and EMTs in case there are injuries.  There will also be clearly marked areas for Fire Extinguishers to be found in case of an emergency.  Please make yourself aware of these locations upon arrival.

Cell Phone Service and Charging Stations

There is very limited cell service at Heart 6 Ranch. Be prepared to not have service upon your arrival.  Phones can be charged in your car, or in your rooms at Heart Six Ranch (if you rented a room).  Outlets will not be provided at the concert venue itself.


Car pooling is highly encouraged.  The carbon footprint of this festival needs to be minimized.  Additionally, we need to reduce traffic for the local residents.  We also need to minimize negative impacts on the land, especially in the parking area.  For these reasons we have established the following parking fees

  • Parking – $50/weekend pass, $20/day; Day of $60/weekend pass, $30/day
       Parking Lot

    • Noon on Friday, the 22nd until Noon on Monday, the 25th
    • Closes at 10pm every night – nobody is allowed into the parking lot after these hours – please make other arrangements if you plan to arrive after 10pm. You can drive out of the parking lot at any time.
  • Recreational Vehicles / Trailers – If you plan to sleep in your car, van, truck, RV, or trailer you must purchase an RV Camping ticket.  No sleeping in vehicles is permitted in the main parking lot.

Vehicle Search

Upon arrival vehicles will be searched for weapons and fireworks, as these are not allowed on the festival grounds for any reason.  Any weapons or fireworks will be confiscated and put in a safe box until you leave.  Upon departure we will give them back to you.


We will provide free shuttles to and from nearby hotels including The Hatchet, Fireside Resort, and Lutton’s Teton Cabins.  There is also an airport shuttle available.  Tickets for this shuttle can be purchased on our ticketing page.


Out of respect for our neighbors we are not allowing any ATV’s to be on our property.  We apologize for this, but we need to be sure we are minimizing our impact on the local residents.


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner options will be available in the festival grounds and at Heart Six Ranch.  Don’t miss out on our own “Farm to Festival” BBQ both days at 11am-2pm.  We grow, harvest, and prepare the food for you, showcasing Rocky Mountain Cuisine.  This is an opportunity to connect with one another as a community over healthy food, drink, and merriment.  Be sure to bring plenty of your own food and water


No outside drinks will be allowed into the music venue.  We will have beer, liquor, wine, and sloshie vendors at the festival.   No glass is allowed within the festival grounds or camping areas.


Plan on bringing plenty of drinking water with you.  Water will be available for purchase in the festival grounds.  There will also be refilling stations around on the ranch grounds.


Charcoal grills will not be allowed on the festival grounds.  Propane camp stoves are allowed.


Campfires are not allowed at any point on festival grounds.


There will be porta-potties at the music venue and in the camping area.  Heart Six Ranch has toilets for their guests only, and not for campers at the festival.  This will be strictly enforced by our security team.


There will be no showers at the festival.  This is a primitive festival, which takes place in a remote wilderness setting.  For this reason, we believe we can go a weekend without showering.  There are plenty of rivers and lakes in the area if you wish to take a plunge and refresh yourself.  If you desire a shower, we HIGHLY recommend you purchase a room at Heart Six Ranch.

VIP Tickets

These are package tickets which include full festival access plus a t-shirt, FITM Banner, 8 beer tickets, 2 Farm to Festival BBQ tickets, and access to higher-end porta-potties in the VIP camping area.

Dogs & Other Pets

As this event is being held in the wilderness surrounded by wild animals and sensitive ecosystems, as well as being a large scale music festival with amplified music and many people, we discourage bringing pets into this environment as it’s a risk to your pet, the other festival goers, and the venue itself.


This area is very rural with little infrastructure. It’s part of the beauty of this region.  There is no public transportation to or from Fire in the Mountains.


This is quite literally the Wyoming Wilderness. There are no ATM’s located at the Venue. Come prepared with plenty of cash.

Age Limits

Everyone is allowed to experience Fire in the Mountains.  We encourage people of all ages to come.  ID’s will be checked upon arrival to ensure we are abiding by all Wyoming alcohol laws and to further promote public safety.  Children 12 and under are admitted for free.

Exit & Reentry Policies

You will be allowed to exit and reenter the concert venue as you like.