Fire in the Mountains is proud to support the local artist community.



Contrary to what his name suggests, Bland Hoke is an exciting young designer on a global mission to inspire. Combining a unique background in public art with a love of the outdoors and cutting edge urban design, Bland collaborates with other creatives and stakeholders to bring forth fresh solutions and unexpected possibilities through his business Bland Design LLC. His process is a direct response to places and people, marked by a true understanding of contemporary design and a signature resourcefulness, courtesy of his Western roots.

Bland has received an Innovation by Design award from Fast Company, presented at Design INDABA in Cape Town, South Africa and recently installed a glowing ice wall at Teton Village. He thrives on building thoughtful public places, developing temporary artwork and designing a variety of projects that feature hammocks.


Anmerican Artist Matt Kuck is best known for his sculptures probing the essence of mortality through nature.  Kuck draws his inspiration from natural forms and his most recent collection, “Dividium Vita” incorporates animal skulls into his work.  With a background spanning several mediums, Kuck was first drawn to sculpture work when he began working with internationally acclaimed sculptor Steven Whyte in 2012.

Leather Craft, Paintings, Illustration, Prints by Adam Gersh

The Mountain Man Toy Shop offers the finest tools, gifts and accessories for the modern day outdoorsman.

Adventure, Lifestyle, Landscape & Portrait Phtopgrahy


Jackson Hole locals refer to our home as, “Neverland.” Nothing could be more accurate.  This pristine mountain landscape offers an adult playground for any and all outdoor activities one could think of, even surfing!  All the options can be a bit overwhelming; trust us, we get it, we live here! You could spend a lifetime out here and still not enjoy all this place has to offer. We, as your event hosts, will be happy to answer specific questions you have as the event draws near, but we would like to emphasize that while a huge aspect of Fire in the Mountains is about immersing oneself in nature and having a ton of fun doing so, intentions aren’t to simply list names of companies that provide the adventure opportunities you are looking at.  Rather, we want you to get excited and do some research on your own.Fire in the Mountains is meant to be an immersive experience. Putting some extra thought into how you want to spend your time is only going to enhance your enjoyment of it.

That being said, we have listed the majority of fun stuff available to you while here and where you can learn more about them.  We are able to offer group rates and discounted options through many friendly connections we have in the adventure-tourism industry so all you have to do is reach out and ask us! We’ve included links that will help in the brainstorming process, helping you prioritize which activities you want to enjoy with the time you have here.  If you’re looking to get a gang of people together to join in a rafting trip or hike, the Fire in the Mountains Facebook group is a good place to rally folks. Enjoy the brainstorming!

Heart 6 Ranch

Canoe or tube the Buffalo Fork River that snakes through the Heart 6 land as well as fish (permit needed) and swim in it, or go big and book a rafting trip with Heart 6’s raft guides and get crazy on the Snake River. Wake up, get breakfast at the Heart 6 Café and hike the endless acres of National Forest surrounding the ranch while keeping your eyes peeled for the numerous Grizzly Bears that inhabit this part of the Tetons.  You can also rent a horse to ride through thousands of acres of maintained trails.  If you just want to relax on the ranch we will offer a range of activities including horseshoes, stump, and tomahawk throwing.  You can also just have a beer and marvel at the beauty that are the Tetons and Grand Teton National Park, which you can see directly from our doorstep.


Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks

Literally less than a 5 minute drive from the parking area at the ranch is the entrance to Grand Teton National Park.  From there you can drive another 30 minutes to the entrance of Yellowstone.  Endless opportunities await you in both places. Get up early (or stay up all night) and drive first thing in the morning to make a day of checking out Yellowstone, looking for wolves and other wildlife in Hayden Valley, then swing by the otherworldly Grand Prismatic Spring as you head out of Yellowstone and back into Grand Teton National Park.  On the way back to the festival you can swing by Signal Mountain Lodge or Jackson Lake Lodge and enjoy a Huckleberry Margarita while staring at views of the Tetons on an outdoor deck that overlooks Jackson Lake.  Again, this place is “Neverland.” The options are endless.Structure your free time around outdoor activities and try not to get lost in the fun and miss the music!

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Renowned as one of the best ski resorts in North America, and certainly the most difficult one, the resort does a great job at offering an array of activities and attractions for the summertime.  Options include downhill mountain biking, hiking, paragliding, taking the tram to the top of the mountain, as well as many dining options.

Snow King Resort

A small ski area right in downtown Jackson Hole, they have created an incredible ropes course and a mountain coaster that are seriously fun summer activities.

White Water and Scenic River Trips

There are numerous companies to choose from that will bring you down whitewater or a calm and scenic stretch of the Snake River.  They’re all great and you can’t go wrong with any company, but Dave Hansen Whitewater is by far the best. Many boat launches are close to Heart 6 Ranch.  Pacific Creek boat launch is only 5 minutes from the ranch, while Deadman’s boat launch is just another 15 minutes away.  The Buffalo Fork River is directly out the front door of the ranch.  This is a tributary of the Snake River that has plenty of options for self-guided tubing and floating.

Canoeing and Kayaking

This time of year could very well provide the most exciting opportunity to run the fast-moving highwater of the Snake or Buffalo Fork.  Heart 6 offers canoe and tube rentals which makes things super convenient, but kayaking is another super fun option. Oxbow Bend is an amazing spot to canoe or kayak and is less than 10 minutes from the ranch just through the entrance of Grand Teton National Park. The views of Mount Moran are a joke and the paddling is smooth and easy, even at this time of year.


Swimming Holes and Cliff Jumping

There are countless great locations to swim in the area, but if you’re into something more extreme then there are two particularly excellent spots to get your adrenaline fix.  30 mins down the road is Kelly, Wyoming where you can grab the best sandwiches in the valley to take to Kelly Cliffs located directly on the Gros Ventre River.  To get there from Kelly drive 5 minutes towards Slide Lake.  On the right hand side is a pullout parking area. A walking trail will lead you to the cliffs.  Another option is heading to the jumping rock at Phelps Lake in Grand Teton National Park.  From the Phelps Lake trailhead proceed walkers right-side around the lake toward Death Canyon. About a half-mile in, and a quarter of the way around the lake, you’ll see a very large boulder off the trail.  It’s plenty deep to jump into the crystal clear and refreshing water.

Fly fishing

Jackson Hole fly fishing is world-class. Pretty much every creek and river you find will provide options to satisfy any angler. The Snake River itself is an obvious choice but since snowmelt at this time of year is at it’s peak, the Snake’s many tributaries are probably better bets to catch dinner.  One of these tributaries, the Buffalo Fork, literally meanders through Heart 6 Ranch.  The Gros Ventre River, Pacific Creek, and Fish Creek are other great fishing locations in the valley.  Contact us if you need recommendations on our favorite local spots or for a good fly fishing guide.

Mountain Biking

Like fly-fishing and pretty much every other activity you can do while in Jackson Hole, world-class mountain biking is plentiful in the Tetons.  The best places are up Cache Creek, on Teton Pass, at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, or at Shadow Mountain (the birthplace of Fire in the Mountains).  There are also bike trails right off the property at Heart 6 Ranch.  Reach out for more options if you’re interested.

Road biking and Motorcycle Touring

It should go without saying that Jackson Hole is as gorgeous as it gets. Get on your road bike and peddle around, or hop on your hog and rip around Rt 89 and check out how green and lush the valley is this time of year. You don’t need a link.  Whip out a map!


The mighty Tetons offer some of the best hiking in the world.  You can do a day hike, or come early and stay late and do a multi-day backcountry hiking trip.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions on hiking trails.

Rock Climbing

If this is your thing you can get after it here.  The website below is a great resource for you to follow to plan your trip.  Many of us who live here are avid climbers. For partners to climb with, like everything else, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Yoga for Headbangers

We have our very own yoga instructor who will be offering free yoga classes designed to stretch out your neck so you can get right back into it the very next night.