Carried out in communion with nature and the mountains that we call home, Fire in the Mountains seeks to emerge as a celebratory event with music, art, camping, adventuring, education, socializing, and local food. This yearly event will be tied together through a deliberate curation of music and art that exemplifies the awe inspiring beauty of one of the last intact temperate ecosystems that still exists: the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. At the very heart of this endeavor is the idea of protecting and honoring that which we deem most sacred: the ability to commune with the wilderness, affording the opportunity for those in attendance to engage in rewilding; that is, to reconnect and immerse oneself with the natural world in order to cultivate our intrinsic nature.

Culture, community and tribalism evolved around fires, with food, drink, storytelling, revelry and music. The social connection that existed with those tribal peoples also tapped into a sense of place that encouraged the human being to manifest a genuine connection and respect for the power of that place, which in turn grounded people in ways that generally are absent in modernity. Through music, art, adventure, local and foragable food options, and a social setting conducive to intellectual ferment, Fire in the Mountains will provide the avenues to reconnect profoundly with the wilderness and the raw power of nature that most people need to experience in this ever disconnecting, distracting, and complex world we live in. Fire in the Mountains is not attempting to reinvent the wheel, but rather, to quote Einar Selvik, the intention is about “sowing new seeds while strengthening old roots.”