Yellow Eyes, Nechochwen, and Ghost of Glaciers to Play in 2020

We are excited to bring on these three unique and diverse bands to play at FITM 2020.

Yellow Eyes, from New York, continues to lead the charge in shaping the identity of American Black Metal.   Their release last year, “Rare Field Calling” was exemplary in this regard, and we look forward to surrendering to this atmosphere.

Nechochwen is an illusive yet incredible band from the America Midwest.  Their music intersects folk and black metal with an effortless musicianship, sure to lend to a captivating bare-essence performance.  The roots of their music are sure to find a strong identity at the setting created in the Tetons.  They will be showcasing an acoustic performance that’s sure to inspire us all.

Ghost of Glaciers, from Denver, bring forward a cascading interplay of driving riffs and ethereal textures, navigating seamlessly through the instrumental landscape they construct.  Their Translation Loss debut “The Greatest Burden” has been on heavy rotation for us, and this sound calls for the mountains.

Stay tuned for the revelation of Ivar Bjornson’s showcase beginning next week.