IMPORTANT: FITM Postponed to 2022

While this is not the news we hoped to see this year bring, we have built this event with the purpose in mind that those who want to come out here to experience it with us, should be able to do so – and should not be excluded for any reason; especially for fear of personal safety.

So, as we navigate a year of still-clouded futures, our focus remains on the ability for both our performers and our community of attendees, our crew, and ourselves, to safely travel from all over the world to Fire In The Mountains this summer. We’ve watched the world as you have, and have come to the difficult, but necessary, decision to move the festival forward once again to the summer of 2022.

While this brings heavy hearts for us as we certainly held out hope for this year, it also means by doing so we can then present our event without compromise. We are still working with our (now 2022) headliners Enslaved, and our guest curator Ivar Bjornson, on presenting a time like no other in a such a beautiful place. We would rather show resilience and hold out one more year to make sure all of you, and all of our bands, can still safely join us.

Thus, we remain hard at work. We are working with our artists and presenters to remain on board for next summer’s event and also have a plan in the works for this year, to put on something new and different our community can still enjoy, wherever you are, in place of our full-scale gathering. Look for more news on that soon, but we are quite excited about it – and will offer it free of charge to our ticket holders (in addition to tickets remaining valid for the full-scale FITM event in 2022), as a thanks for your continued support in ever difficult times. This is what allows us to keep going. For those with more immediate questions on tickets, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected], as we also understand the strain this pandemic has put on everyone.

While a piece will be missing without seeing everyone here this year in the glow of heavy grandeur, we aim to make sure we are still standing here when this passes, and doing what we can in the meantime. We will come out stronger on the other side. And it is there where we will see you, in the mountains.