YOB to play in front of the Tetons as part of Ivar Bjornson’s curation

It is our deepest honor to have Ivar Bjornson, of the inimitable ENSLAVED, as our first ever Guest Curator. The legacy of his music, as well as the integrity he and his partners have always exemplified in their approach to artist endeavors has always served as a huge inspiration for us who build this event – and we are infinitely excited to be working alongside him for it this year.


Ivar is presenting a showcase at this year’s Fire In The Mountains, which he has entitled “On Wings Over Utgard”, based around a concept involving myth and consciousness, and of course – a connection to the natural world. The showcase will feature workshops he has curated, art, and other elements of the festival he has tailored to tie into the idea – and last but not least, a selection of several Musical performers he has hand-picked to bring over for the event, that we are so incredibly excited to share with you.


Ivar had this to say:


“The more I get to know Fire in the Mountains Festival and the people behind it, the bigger the joy of curating the «On Wings Over Utgard» I feel – it is such a unique event, not only in terms of its location in nature, but the philosophy behind it and the whole intangible but very much present vibe around it. I am a huge fan of each and every artist asked to be part of my curation, and have been struck by the undivided positivity I received in return for the invitation. They all accepted – in one case it was a delightfully strange case of the artist more or less sitting around thinking he would really love to take his latest music to perform at this exact festival, then my proverbial letter-eagle crashed into his kitchen bearing glad tidings. I consider all «my» artists friends also, which will take the whole experience further. Further into the mountains – the much longed-for embrace of nature.”


So, without further ado, it is our pleasure to announce that the first announcement of Ivar’s curation is none other than Oregon’s monoliths of songcrafting in Doom metal YOB.


To describe the band, Ivar said it better than we could, regarding why he selected them:


“YOB is pretty much the complete band for me. Fantastically heavy, genius songwriting, three fantastic sindividual musicians and one of Metal’s most emotionally expressive singers. When you add being one of the most gripping and powerful live to the mix, you pretty much have the perfect storm.”


We welcome YOB to our stage before the great Tetons, and we encourage you not to miss this special happening.


Another artist will be revealed on Monday, and we are so eager to share more of what mr. Bjornson has in store.


Until then, we will see you in the mountains.