Steve Von Till to Play Friday night’s acoustic show

The next announcement for Ivar Bjornson’s “On Wings Over Utgard” showcase revolves around an artist that is a bit of a dream come true for us to have aboard. The stars aligned when Ivar’s invitation was met with such enthusiasm, and STEVE VON TILL has joined our event as a performer for Friday’s acoustic show.


A household name that has influenced so many, Steve has blazed the trail for over 3 decades as a member of the legendary Neurosis, been an integral piece of the carefully curated Neurot Records, and participated in so many incredible recordings with Tribes of Neurot, his Harvestman moniker and several other notable collaborations. Through this time he has helped cultivate a sound and philosophy of music that is truly unmatched.


This is exemplified in his solo work, which shows a deeply rooted and heart-driven take on folk music. Our Guest Curator Mr. Bjornson had this to say about his selection, of a friend and musician that he himself looks up to:


“Hearing Steve von Till’s album «If I Should Fall to the Field» for the first time is one of those rare and eternal moments where music impacted me on an existential level. I remember the enormous heaviness of its simplicity and pure sadness wash over me and nothing was the same again. It is music that speaks to and from the essence of who he and we are.”


We are so incredibly honored and proud to have Steve as a part of this year’s event, and after speaking with him about what he has in mind for it, we cannot wait to share in this with you.


We welcome Steve Von Till to the mountains this July.