Mike Scheidt, Sean Parry, and Vardlokk Announced as featured artists in Ivar Bjornson’s Curation

As part of Ivar Bjornson’s curation we are happy to announce these three incredible artists.  Mike Scheidt from YOB will play at Friday’s acoustic show in an intimate performance.  Sean Parry will be bringing his unique art of song to our show on the Friday night acoustic show as well.  We are also working at having his world famous tattooing to be a part of the festival as a whole.  Finally, we are really excited to introduce the world to Vardlokk, a new band featuring Grutle Kjellson and Iver Sandoy from Enslaved, along with Dave Sweetapple, Tim Lehi and Terri Christopher – members of bands such as Witch, and Draugar among others.  Vardlokk is a band laden with doom, fuzz, and psychedelia with Norwegian choruses.